St Johns River Council is a dynamic council serving a dynamic parish.
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St Johns River Council 10850

St. Johns River Council 10850 meets at 7:30 PM on the Second Thursday of each Month in the Cody Enrichment Center, 2nd floor, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Jacksonville, Florida.For the moment, we are meeting virtually ONLINE via ZOOM meeting.  If you have not received your invitation to attend the meeting, please contact your Worthy Grand Knight to be added to the list.

1st and 2nd Degrees meet on the Second Thursday of each Month on alternate months

Knighthood Degrees meet on the First Thursday of each Month.

For more information on joining our council please:

Call (904)268-2686 or e-mail: John Hashtak, Grand Knight jbhashtak@bellsouth.net, or our Membership Director, Bill Kelly. 904 874-6633 wkellydd13@gmail.com
About Our Council
The Council was chartered in April of 1992 at San Juan Del Rio Catholic Church from which the Council took its original name.  In June of 1998, at the invitation of Fr. Dan Cody, the Council moved to St. Joseph's Catholic Church and changed the Council name to St. Johns River, a condensed translation of San Juan Del Rio.  The Council is active with St Joseph's Catholic Church and Holy Family Catholic Church.

Meeting Address
St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Cody Family Enrichment Center - 2nd Floor
4152 Loretto Rd
Jacksonville FL 32223
Mailing Address
Knights of Columbus
St Johns River Council 10850
Attn: Rich Malzahn, FS
3772 Helicon Dr
Jacksonville FL 32223-3528

St Johns River Council 10850

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